Thursday, March 28, 2013

Junkyard Dawg

Was down at the Hard Luck Scrapyard Thursday scrapping out a '91 Buick when my eyes lit upon this little beauty.
Had to fight hard not to inquire about its asking price. Trying to cut down, not add to, the junk inventory around the compound. But, the wheels and tank were in nice shape.

Maybe if it's still there next week......


  1. Gotta be worth it just for the D.I.D's mate.

  2. Did it kick through? Man, I need one of those?

  3. Never tried to kick it over. My son said the bike's been there for a couple weeks. If I get over there again I'll investigate further.

    Guess I'm not the only junk junkie.

  4. Needs a seat and a rear fender, and some TLC...and probably a de-coke and maybe some rings and seals, spark plug or two...and the fun and games of a revived salvage title at the local DMV...what's wrong with people like us? Go for it I say!!!

  5. ^ Now that you put it that way HL, I think I'll get a cat instead.