Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen

Is there a rump roast in that fridge?


  1. As a woman, I am deeply offended by this. As an artist, I am disappointed that your chick kitchen series surpasses my Dudes in My Dungeon and Men Doing Manual Labor pics in offense level. Well played Hermit.

  2. Ms. have a dungeon? ...or is this a series of water colours and etchings?
    And who is that skinny lad in the banner pic? ...and where is that lonesome road?
    These questions and others will be floating in my subconscious as I fall asleep tonight...hopefully leading to pleasant barely remembered dreams...

    1. Water colors is next Mr. Larry. Right now I'm dabbling in WhatsthePointillism. I also prefer your rendition on my last name. Much better than Giapotty or snotty or twatty. Children can be so creul.

  3. I don't know Larry, just a pic I came across. Looks like someplace tropical, and with six inches of snow falling at my place last night, the warm clime and crooked road appealed to me during this seemingly interminable Midwest winter.