Friday, March 15, 2013

Yo-Yo Trip

If you ever go to Everglades National Park, you'll have to pass  Robert's Fruit Stand.  Stop in for the kitschy backyard zoo and the best fresh-fruit shakes on earth.

Spent several nights sleeping amongst the mosquitoes and alligators at Flamingo Key, the very southern tip of mainland Florida. Now time to head back north on this yo-yo trip. I'm skeeter-bit and tired, but I got to keep on steady-rollin'.

Pesky twenty to thirty mph winds are making me fight with the top-heavily loaded bike. The wind gusts try their best to blow me into oncoming trucks as I cut across the cotton fields and orange groves on US 27 then jump on to I 70 for a white knuckle blast up the Bradenton/Tampa/St. Pete corridor.

The winds blew the pleasant smell of oranges up under my face shield and the citrus fragrance reminded me of my youth, when I'd free-base fabric softener sheets for cheap thrills and good times.

I think the days on the road, sleeping rough and the NyQuil are all conspiring to affect my central nervous system. I'm starting to speak in short Bulgarian phrasing an I'm seeing visions.


  1. Glad to see Roberts on the job. Fresh fruit shakes, used to be a place at Lake Tahoe that made killer Orange shakes. I could sure use one right about now.

  2. Time to head home and detox Herm, this trip was always likely to turn into Thompsonesque, substance fueled whirlygig . . . free-basing fabric softener, I soiled myself . . . again, too funny.