Saturday, March 9, 2013

Six Hours South

Cold start. Had a stabbing pain behind my left eye as I motored down I-65, dodging sheets of snow blowing off the tops of semi trailers and exploding on the pavement like the crystalline spoor of arctic mushrooms,( huh?) and remembering the story of the biker whose eyeball froze solid its socket like an icy melon ball. But, no worries, it thawed out and i made it to Mammoth Cave where I had the whole National Park Park to myself. I boiled noodles in fifty eight degree temperates to the sounds of spring time robins.
I dig camping. Cooking noodles with my backpack stove and peeing in Gatorade bottles is close to heaven.

Having trouble with internet connections, hope this works.


  1. Glad the the old peeper came good mate, looks beautiful, perfect place for a gent of solitary persuasions . . . peeing in bottles, hopefully just while you're in the tent, otherwise it's starting to sound like a weird kinda hoarding practice.

  2. Hermit Hughes ? As long as he doesn't get his water bottle mixed up with his pee bottle he should be alright WLP.
    I have the same stove in my backpacking kit, nice compact little sucker. What brand are your pannier boxes? If I get that Honda, been thinking I'd go with aluminum boxes rather than the factory plastic items. Whole place to yourself, one of the benefits of off-season camping. Happy trails!

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