Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chopper Charlie meets Johnny Law

I’m diggin’ the juxtaposition in this classic photo.

The officer sits tall in the saddle, sworn to protect and to serve, upright, and virtuous. Looking ahead, stoic, noble and ever-vigilant. Searching the horizon for pickpockets and purse snatchers, bank robbers and bunco artists. The epitome of morality, the enforcer of law and order.
Behind him lurks the skulking heathen. The leather-clad outlaw, riding through an intoxicated haze of reefer smoke and bad intentions. Searching furtively through dark glasses for the helpless and the vulnerable.

A simpler time before revolvers were replaced by autoloaders, tazers supplanted nightsticks and Panheads gave way to Erik Estrada and four cylinder Kawasakis.


  1. Killer selection mate . . . I believe Panch used his nightstick and knuckles to subdue the ladies, speaking of virtuous.

  2. These two fellas looks like they could use a hot cup o' Joe and a Grand Slam breakfast. Hmmm...I wonder who will leave the bigger tip.

  3. Almost got a job working for the CHP as a motorcycle mechanic, right at the point when half the force was on Kawas and the rest on Shovels...wished I had bagged that job...would probably have gotten some killer deals on those Shovel's as they phased them out. Now in Calif. they are on BMW twins.I'm sure they still hang out at Denny's and the usual donut shops...some things never change...