Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sopchoppy, Florida?


Yep, Sopchoppy, Florida in the panhandle along the coastal highway. No room at the campground and I pretty much hit the wall after getting about three hours sleep the previous night (loud f#%kin' college kids in the campground) and riding all day so I had to look for a motel.
Darkness and exhaustion was fast approaching so I found a Best Western with the only available room some kind of a f#@kin' King Suite at a budget-busting eighty-nine dollars.
Too tired to go on, so tonight I'm livin' large. This thing's bigger than the hermit hovel and has porcelain toilets. No Gatorade bottles, but I'll survive.


  1. For eighty nine dollars they better give you two Bibles AND serve a continental breakfast. Highway robbery if you ask me.

  2. That pic says it all, On the road again...home away from home. No kidding LG, the least they could do is scare up some hotcakes!

  3. Eighty nine clams in Oz would get you some roaches the size of rats and piece of striped cloth attached to a rusty bedspring, and you'd have to supply Gatorade bottles as well.

  4. For eighty -nine bucks there should be bellhops and complimentary hookers.