Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

This is the deep South baby! Chitlins, black eyed peas and shotguns hung on Easyrider Rifle Racks. The people around here are awesome. At every stop in these small backwoods towns, with my rig outfitted as it is, someone is always stopping to ask where I'm going and wish me well. I love the deep South, with its mixture of rednecks  and rural blacks. These are tough, God-fearing people and southern hospitality is no misnomer.
US 431 in eastern Alabama is a great road with rolling open areas mixed with thick forests, where the smell of fragrant pines are intoxicating.
It pays to stay the hell off the Interstate and take the road less traveled.


  1. So jealous mate, one of my long term life goals, love the road shot, keep on enjoying it mate, now, c'mon Bubba, squeal like pig !!!

  2. In 'Haint's' of 'Kustom Jeff' and all his buddies. Been to a lot of the US of A, but not the deep South. Want to get there some day...though the humidity thang in the summers scares me. A dearly departed helicopter flying friend of mine used to tell us what it was like down there, and it seems that quite a bit of it hasn't changed a lot.Me so jealous too.

  3. Looks like some sweet county and for-sure keep off the damn Interstates and 8 Lane Hywys! Be Safe.