Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen (retro)

I’m given to understand that obsessions such as thumb-sucking, and cigarette smoking stem from a deep-seated, instinctual desire for breast-feeding. Something so basic as to be imprinted upon our psyche in the womb, every bit as strong, and indeed an integral part of our very will to survive.
I quit smoking many years ago and only suck my thumb when nervous, but I’m transfixed by images of scantily clad women with heaving breasts and pie pans, beckoning with baked goods and unspoken sensual promise.

If one could somehow add the sound of a ’38 EL idling outside the kitchen window, it would create something close to a state of total nirvana.


  1. Every time I have a ciggy I think of boobies, I average between one and a half and two packs a day. I used to smoke, think of boobies, then, suck my thumb.

  2. With that little bit of Flour on the Breast and there you have it... Total Sexy!

  3. Sometimes when I'm feeling down I change the words from that one song Bonnie Raitt covered (Angel from Montgomery) and change the lyrics to "Make me a sandwich, that I can hold on to. Make me a sandwich that tastes really good." And then I feel better. Hermit, do you keep all these pics in your binders filled with women? They're great.

  4. WLP, old habits die hard.

    Paul, I also find the flour residue on her "low-neck sweater" quite provocative. (get back home Loretta)

    LG, I have binders full of women, a pantry full of delicious baked goods and arteries full of cholesterol.

  5. Definitely try Data's Holodeck programs 5227 and 5228, 'Mama's makin flapjack's, and Betty's bakin' bacon'...both set in the early 50's, and full of period details. I think O'Brien can patch in the sound of a '38 EL....