Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen

Poster found in Ms. Roundbottom's Home Economics class.


  1. I'm always leaving the house horngry. Time to get me one of these real women I s'pose. And wasn't Ms. Roundbottom's Home Ec Class the one where she handed out real babies instead of flour sacks for that "So You Think You're Ready To Be a Parent?" Lesson? Good thing I didn't have her because I left my sack on the bus a couple a times.

  2. Once had a wife, she was trouble all my life..
    Left me out, in the cold rain and snow...

    Least she could cook...

  3. it's false. i always do the right things but it doesn't work. May be it wasn't a real man :D

  4. ^ I agree, must not have been a real man.
    Good point!