Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soggy and Dismal.

Steady rain this morning and I'm holed up in a cheap motel where most of the occupants are not "guests" but permanent residents. There is a dude with his car up on jacks performing major engine work in the parking lot, (seriously.)
I walked to the Burger King for breakfast, on a sidewalk lined with soggy trash, cigarette butts and spent condoms, like the other indigents who live here.

Another shitty day in paradise.


  1. Spooky mate, could be right here in Sufferers Parasite on the 'fabulous' Gold Coast of Australia, transient scum, indigent, indolent locals, money grubbing councilors and developers, plastic shit and equally plastic people, all living cheek by jowl, whitey has really done justice to the lands our forefathers stole . . . 'paradise' is so fucking squalid, but hey, at least it ain't snowing man.

  2. Well Brian...err Hermit...always look on the bright side of life, doot dee doot, doo doodlee doodleee doot...