Sunday, March 17, 2013

Damn, This is Fun!

Got sick in Fla. Don't know if it's from sleeping in the cold, bad sardines or malaria, but I had a fever, chills and felt like crap. I took off and headed home. No more camping just interstates and motels and trying to get the hell home.
Woke in Cave City, Kentucky 36°, and took off in a drizzle, sick and miserable. I'm now in Scottsburg, Indiana after the worse 117 miles in my life.

The rain increased as I traveled north and by the time I got to Louisville it was pouring. Face shield fogging up and rain-covered windshield, I got be behind an RV that was moving slower than the rest of the traffic. It was raining so hard I could see nothing but the camper's tail lights. While crossing the Ohio River Bridge I could barely even see the tail lights in front of me and thought I was going to die. I wanted to get off the road, traffic was flying all around me sending up spray and I couldn't even see an exit. Now, soaking wet, all I could do was try to keep following the tail lights in front of me.

I finally got past Louisville an heavy traffic, (thank God it's Sunday with lighter traffic) and the rain turned to snow. For a while it seemed better because the visibility improved, that was until my face shield and windshield iced over! Then I had to lift the face shield, look over the windshield, squinting my eyes and try to make it to the next exit.

Now I'm safely in a motel in snowy Scottsburg, thawing out and drying out, just a couple of hours from home. I'm not leaving 'til I see the sun shining.


  1. Damn! Your definitely getting the 'adventure' in your adventure biking. I'm getting cold just reading about it. have a safe rest of the journey. Might as well piss you off and tell you how the sun is shining here, and the girls are wearing short shorts again.

  2. Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation. Heh. Nothing left to do but for you to suck it up and get back safe. Suck it up, I says.

  3. Fuck Herm, road trip from hell, when I said I don't mind bing on the scoot in the rain, I was clearly referring to the stuff we get here, not that kinda shit, not a chance !!! Stay safe buddy, don't push too hard man, hasten slowly.

  4. Had I known you were stopping 20 miles from my house I coulda saved you the hotel bill.

  5. Thanks Wes that's really cool.

    Yep, I was pushing it too hard, and who needs a vacation when you can get a good ass-beating or water-boarded?

  6. All that riding and get sick in Florida...damn it! It figures you go down hill when you're the farthest from home. But... you made the journey, I'm sure it sucked at times but it sounds like it was worth it.